You're a Witch who loves casting spells, brewing potions, and of course - making music with your magical Pumpkin friend, Plumpkin. ðŸŽƒ

Drag and drop the spooky notes, and create your own tune on the music stave! ðŸŽ¼

Or if you prefer, you can click & drag your cursor or swipe your touch screen to cast pretty colourful spells. ðŸŒŸ

▶️ Tap the green play triangle button to play the musical phrase. 

❌ Tap the red cross button to delete the music and start over.

⏺️ Tap the red record circle button to record your musical phrase, and download/save the audio file.

⚡ Drag the slider to adjust the speed the music is played at.

Use menu to go back to the main menu screen.

Use the cross in the top right corner of the menu screen to exit (may not work on all browsers/devices), or you can close your browser tab/app to quit.


Art by Michelle Chen 

Game design & audio by Luci Holland


A spooky interactive music tool made in over 2 months ðŸ‘»


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